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Both men and Women

  • Use of tobacco, marijuana, or alcohol.
  • Medical Conditions (e.g. diabetes)
  • Genetic or hormonal problems.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (e.g., gonorrhoea, chlamydia).
  • Prescription drug use (e.g for depression, seizures or high blood pressure.

Men Only

  • Inadequate amount or quality of sperm.
  • Fevers and infections (e.g., mumps occurring after puberty).
  • Reproductive track surgery for undescended testes, hernia repair, or disorders of prostate bland.
  • Damage to the vas deferens, most often by vasectomy.
  • Varicocele( 1.e., varicose veins in the scrotum).
  • Pooling of warm blood in the testes due to high temperature caused by tight, unventilated clothing; excessive use of hot tubes; or workplace conditions.
  • injury to the testes(e.g., that resulting from physical trauma or exposure to radiation).

Women only

  • Being Underweight or overweight, which may cause problems with ovulation.
  • Scarring or tumours of the uterus or defects of the uterus present from birth.
  • Inadequate quality or amount of cervical mucus.
  • Scar tissue or adhesions from previous surgery, endometriosis, or infections (e.g., pelvic inflammatory disease, appendicitis).
  • Production of antibodies that attack the partner’s sperm.

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