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Fertility Preservation

Egg Banking

Egg/Oocyte freezing is a technique in which young women (preferably before the age of 35 years) can undergo ovarian stimulation (hormonal injections) and the eggs (oocytes) can be retrieved and frozen. Our team is regularly using these procedures for donor oocytes which are then frozen and stored in the egg bank. As and when the patient needs donor eggs to achieve pregnancy, these frozen egg can be thawed and used. The advantage of this technique is that we don’t have to depend on fresh egg donors. Also we can screen the donor for HIV and other viral infections by
quarantining these frozen eggs. In this manner we can eliminate the remote possibilities of transmitting viral infection to the patients.
For a young patient who does not want to get married or plan a family for a long time, her fertility can be preserved by freezing her eggs.
At a later date when she is ready to have children she can use her own frozen eggs. Young women who have been diagnosed with cancer can now also store their eggs and preserve fertility before starting the cancer treatment of chemotherapy/ radiation therapy which would permanently damage their ovaries. In patients with non-obstructive azoospermia if we don’t get sperms during testicular biopsy procedure, our units freeze the patients eggs. If at a later date we can find sperms in ejaculated semen samples or Micro-Tese, one can thaw the stored frozen eggs, perform ICSI & achieve pregnancy.


In 2006, Bloom IVF Group was the First in India to start oocyte banking and introduced oocyte freezing by vitrification. Till date more than 5000 plus donor eggs have been frozen and utilized by Bloom IVF for our egg donation program. Also more than 1000 plus eggs have been frozen for our social freezing / cancer fertility preservation program. Our clinical pregnancy rates utilizing frozen eggs is more than 60% per embryo transfer. Bloom IVF Group is happy to congratulate ex-Miss India/ World for her daughter delivered from her eggs frozen by our unit 8 years ago at our center in Mumbai. We achieved this milestone first time in India.