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1. Consultation with Fortis Bloom IVF Mohali Doctor:

Before treatment start, you will discuss medical history and treatment process including risks and side effects with your Doctor.


2. Blood Test and Scans:

We need to look at your hormone levels and your ovarian follicles to decide treatment plan that is right for you. Other investigation such as 3D SIS and endometrial biopsy may also be taken.

3. Consultation with a Head Nurse:

During the consultation your Head Nurse will explain your treatment plan , consent forms, screening tests, medication and injection teach.


4. Semen Analysis:

The Analysis looks at sperm count, morphology(shape) and mobility movement.


5. Stimulation:

After your baseline scan, injections will stimulate your ovaries to develop multiple eggs.


6. Monitoring:

Regular scans and blood tests allow us to monitor your ovarian response to the drugs.


7. Trigger Injection:

When hormones are at the right levels, another injection will trigger the eggs to mature.


8. Eggs collection and sperm collection:

Eggs are collected via a needle passed through the vagina whilst you are under sedation. A semen sample is required on the day of egg collection.

9. Fertilization and embryo development:

Eggs and sperms are placed in an incubator to fertilize. Embryo development is monitored by BLOOMIVF Mohali Centre.


10. Embryo Transfer:

The Best Embryo is(are) transferred back into the uterus. Any suitable embryos not transferred can be frozen for later use.


11. Pregnancy Test:

Patient take a pregnancy test 16 day after embryo transfer. At this stage we will arrange appropriate support.