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First of all, Counselling of the Couple is Done With our Infertility Specialist.

Then Investigations of both Husband and Wife are done.

Then if the Patient is for IVF or ICSI (if the Husband Count is very Low)Then Couple is Recruited for Procedure.

First, on D-2 of Periods, The USG as a Baseline scan is Done and after that Stimulation with Hormonal Injections are Started and Follicular Assesment is done.

Then Patient is Called on 7th day, 9th day, 11th and Then Finally For OVUM Pick up.

OPU is done under short general Anaesthesia.

OPU is done without any cuts and incision.

Then Ultrasound Guided OVUM Pickup is done and Oocytes are Taken from follicles and sent to IVF lab for fertilization.

Then the embryologist scan the oocytes from Follicular Flush and then IVF or ICSI is done with Husband Sperm is done.

Then Injected Mature oocytes are incubated for 72 hrs for further Growth.

After 72 hrs of Incubation, 8 Cell embryo is ready to be transferred in Patient.

After 14 days of Transfer, b-Hcg (blood test ) is done for confirmation of pregnancy.

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