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Things to know about IMSI IVF

IMSI IVF that is an abbreviation for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically selected sperm injection, which is generally a variation of ICSI that uses a microscope of a higher-powered in the selection of the sperm. The procedure further allows the embryologists as well as the fertility doctor to look at the sperm in greater detail which basically included the nucleus containing the sperm’s genetic material. There are even more studies that suggests that using the technique of IMSI Treatment, the selection of better Quality sperm can be done that the further increases the pregnancy rates and lower miscarriage rates compared to conventional IMSI treatment.

In the conventional IMSI Treatment, the embryologist mainly selects the most normal looking motile sperm using a microscope that magnifies the sample up to 400 times. Sperm are then selected which have the most normally-shaped nuclei.

The use of IMSI is limited by the resources that are needed to carry out this technique. It takes a minimum of 60 minutes and more often takes several hours to carry out. In addition, the technique involves special equipments to reach the necessary magnification. IMSI must carried out by experienced embryologist trained in the specific technique, and this explain the significant extra cost of providing IMSI.

Recommend IMSI if:

– you have very low numbers of sperm, and
– a high proportion of abnormal shaped cell
– evidence of poor outcomes with previous ICSI Treatments.

Patients with low sperm count can opt for IMSI technique in which sperms are magnified to 6600 times which gives us the option to choose good sperms from the bad ones. BLOOMIVF Centre is the first in India to start this technique.